Canadian Nationalist Party

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01 National Policy

We must subsidize and protect the growth of Canadian industries at home and abroad.

02 Demographic Policy

We must maintain the demographic status of the current European-descended majority.

03 Monarchical Policy

We must consolidate national decisions under the vested interests of an authority above the democratic system.

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The Canadian Nationalist Party is a political party operating in the federal jurisdiction of Canada. Our movement represents a revival of national identity. It is through our policies and vision of a better way of life that we will form a majority government by winning the hearts and minds of our kinsfolk.

Canadian Nationalist Party (CNP) Handbook

A primer for learning more about the nationalist movement in Canada.

Fellow Brothers & Sisters of the Faith,

I bring you news today of GREAT HOPE. We, as a nation, stand on the precipice of a NEW AGE which will be glorious if we are willing and able to capitalize on the opportunity.

When in the course of human affairs it becomes necessary to dissolve the allegiances of government which no longer support the betterment of a people, there is no cause more just than upholding the right to self-determination. Judgement is rendered against the laws and governments of man in all cases where they prevent the liberty and choice of man to his avocation and knowledge. When a government administration willfully violates this DIVINE RIGHT, it is the prerogative of those affected to declare their independence and operate outside the range of this oppression.

The solutions to our current problems will not be found by calling upon a system that only serves to detract and diminish. We can no longer put our faith in those currently serving in elected office within this country. We cannot coalesce with those who neglect our self-representation. The adherents of this system are incompatible with us and our intentions. Therefore, we must unify around a cause characterized by common language, common blood, and common faith.

In this new age, we will raise the grade of our nation to its rightful place as a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, explore mysterious regions of the VAST UNKNOWN, and rely on the Heavenly Father’s Kingdom to protect us from the BEAST SYSTEM known as BABYLON

Lastest News:


Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron

Travis Patron is a political economist and digital money researcher known for his research into the internet payment system bitcoin.

At the age of 21, Travis founded Diginomics, a bitcoin educational firm with special interests in cryptography and computer programming while also focusing on the changing nature of government regulation, taxation, and business collaboration on a global basis.

At the age of 25 he founded the Canadian Nationalist Party.

Studying at the University of Saskatchewan from 2010 – 2013, Travis earned a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in economic policy. During his post-secondary academic career, he studied on exchange at both the University of Montreal and Stockholm University.

Born in Redvers, Saskatchewan, Travis has always attributed his success to the sense of work ethic and humbleness instilled in him through the farming community.

You can learn more about him at

The Canadian Nationalist Party (CNP) is a political party operating in the federal jurisdiction of Canada founded in June, 2017. The goal of our political action is directed towards improvement of social & economic conditions of an ethnocentric Canada.

Party Resources:

Public Notice:

  1. Invocation Magna Carta (1215)
  2. Notice Of Claim Of Right: Common Law Tribunal
  3. Unilateral Declaration Of Independence
  4. Patron Releases Statement On Assault Charges
  5. City Of Saskatoon Violates CNP Charter Rights
  6. CNP Attains Official Registration Status
  7. Canadian Nationalists Seek Ethnostate



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The Red Ensign:

Defamatory Organizations:


  1. Discontinue Publicly Promoting Homosexuality

Quick Facts:

  1. The Canadian Nationalist Party was founded on June 1st, 2017 and received federal registration status from Elections Canada on September 15th, 2019 in accordance with Sec. 390(1) of the Canada Elections Act when it successfully nominated its first candidate during a general election. To date, the Canadian Nationalist Party has been found to have violated no section of the Canada Elections Act
  2. This makes current Party Leader, Travis Patron, the youngest founder of a federally-sanctioned political party in Canadian history at 26 years 56 days old (April 5th, 1991 – June 1st, 2017).
  3. Other than one other organization, the Canadian Nationalist Party is the only federally-registered political party headquartered in all of Western Canada.
  4. On July 3rd, 2017, the Canadian Nationalist Party scheduled an event with the intention of hosting at the University Of Toronto. The University Of Toronto declined to host the organization due to alleged “concerns about the safety of students, faculty, staff and the public”. The party maintains this denial was unjustified and an infringement of the right to free expression.
  5. In January of 2019, after Doug Ford’s Provincial Government Of Ontario passed a “free speech mandate” at university campuses, the Canadian Nationalist Party made a similar request to book space at the University Of Toronto and was again denied. The Canadian Nationalist Party was the only organization not permitted to book space at a university campus in Ontario after this mandate was passed.
  6. On July 4th, 2018, the Canadian Nationalist Party announced a ‘Western Canada Tour‘, during where we hosted a private event in Winnipeg at the Belgian Club. During this event, masked hooligans attempted unsuccessfully to disrupt and cancel the event but were instead escorted out of the venue and subjected to a criminal investigation on behalf of the Winnipeg Police Service. The event proceeded as planned where the party gave a presentation on their policy of immigration reform.
  7. In June of 2019, in response to a complaint filed by Canadian Anti-Hate Network Board Member Richard Warman, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) launched a “hate crime” investigation into Party Leader Travis Patron after a video entitled ‘Beware The Parasitic Tribe’ was uploaded to the internet. In July of 2020, the Friends Of Simon Wiesenthal Center filed a similar complaint with the federal police force and urged Saskatchewan Justice Minister Don Morgan to file “hate crime” charges against Patron. To date, no charges have been lain and the Canadian Nationalist Party maintains they have violated no “hate crime” legislation whatsoever.
  8. In June of 2019, Canadian Nationalist Party members were attacked inside the Toronto Eaton Center and acted in self-defense to protect themselves and keep the peace.
  9. To date, the Canadian Nationalist Party has initiated violence at no public event whatsoever.
  10. The Canadian Nationalist Party nominated 3 candidates during the 43rd Federal Election (September 11th, 2019 – October 21st, 2019) – none of which won their respective district. The districts in question were:
    1. Souris-Moose Mountain (Saskatchewan)
    2. Scarborough-Guildwood (Ontario)
    3. Lac-Saint-Louis (Quebec)
  11. On September 27th, 2019, the Canadian Nationalist Party was not permitted to assemble publicly and communicate its electoral policies to voters after the drop of the writ for the 43rd Federal Election. Not a single request to utilize public property to assemble and communicate electoral policies after the drop of the writ was honoured.
  12. The Canadian Nationalist Party did then, and has since maintained, that this failure to honour our request to utilize public property to assemble and communicate electoral policies after the drop of the writ represents an infringement of our self-determination as a political constituency and is wholly unconstitutional.
  13. In response, the Chief Agent of the party has since filed civil litigation, alleging a constitutional violation and an infringement of the ability to democratically compete in the 43rd Federal Election.
  14. On March 19th, 2020, the Canadian Nationalist Party served the Government of Saskatchewan a notice of objection to their declaration of a state of emergency citing it as ‘unprecedented and unnecessary’.
  15. On April 21st, 2020, the Canadian Nationalist Party held a public demonstration in Redvers, Saskatchewan where the Party Leader delivered a presentation regarding the current public health crisis and gestured with the so-called ‘Roman Salute‘, in the belief that they have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the Government Of Canada has failed to uphold their democratic mandate and therefore, it may be wise to embrace an anti-democratic political narrative.