*Disclaimer: This is a repost of an interview conducted with EuroCanadian.ca which was published on April 12th, 2018 and has since mysteriously disappeared. The original interview can be found here: Donald Doucette. “Interview With Travis Patron, Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party”, Council Of European Canadians

DD: I would like to introduce Travis Patron the founder/ leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party. Born in Redvers, Saskatchewan, Mr. Patron studied at the University of Saskatchewan where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce and Arts. At 21 Mr. Patron cut his teeth into the crypto-currency world and founded his company Diginomics, which focuses on the once burgeoning and now booming crypto-currency market. At the age of 25 Travis founded the Canadian Nationalist Party which will be the topic of this interview.

DD: What was the impetus for your founding of a nationalist party?

Travis Patron: I sensed there was a demand for a nationalist political narrative in Canada. I’ve always been one to challenge the status quo and I hate living by other people’s expectations, so it was a natural fit. One of the biggest drivers for me was seeing how European Canadians have lost their sense of identity. Every other ethnic group promotes their interests and protects their traditions. European Canadians have been intimidated into thinking if they do the same, it is somehow immoral.

I grew up in Saskatchewan. My entire childhood and early adult years were spent surrounded by people of the same lineage as me. When people of a different background would move into our communities, we would always welcome them. However, when I moved to Eastern Canada, and experienced Toronto and Montreal specifically, it became clear to me that this treatment was often a one-way street. Our culture, our laws, and our way of life have changed to appease newcomers and they have no intention of returning the favor.

No one respects a people who do not promote their interests – nor should they.

DD: Why did you find it necessary to create a new party rather than supporting the Conservative Party?

TP: I’ve been asked this several times by current members and my answer is always the same: I would never have been able to run on the platform we have created at the Nationalist Party under the Conservative Party. The ideological foundations of that party have been eroded by political correctness and cultural Marxism. Many of the things the Conservative Party promotes are not conservative. They have no ideological foundation. They are attempting to tailor their message to everyone and thus, they inspire no one.

I cannot respect the man who blows both hot and cold with the same breath.

DD: Your Twitter profiles contain references to #CanadaFirst, what has convinced you that current and prior leadership has not held Canada as their priority?

TP: Speaking specifically about our Liberal Government, they have demonstrated that the needs of other countries precede those of Canada, and they have done this under the guise of foreign aid. While our government tells our military veterans that they are “asking too much” the Liberals send millions to foreign countries in order to rebuild their infrastructure. This Liberal Government is playing to the vanity of its citizens in order to fund foreign initiatives – this is not a sign of humanitarian altruism, it is a sign that we no longer control what happens in Ottawa.

Our Prime Minister himself has stated that Canada is the first “post-national country”. How can a government put the interests of Canada first if it does not recognize it as a distinct nation?

DD: In your “Now Or Never” speech you said that Canada and Canadians need to be understood as a distinct and unique people. Such a mindset goes against the current dogma of Canada being a multicultural nation of immigrants. Why do you disagree with this sentiment?

TP: Statistics do not lie. Canada was 97% European descent in 1971. It was not what we would consider a “multicultural country” until the policies put forth by Pierre Trudeau and later Brian Mulroney (1988). It’s worth noting that this policy of multiculturalism was never asked for by the voting public nor has it ever properly been defined. It’s easy to see that multiculturalism as a policy has been a complete failure. As each distinct ethnic group attempts to bring their own culture to Canada, we now simply have an awkward mix of cultures which only go halfway towards what could be experienced in that ethnic group’s homeland. We should pick one culture and aim to promote it in Canada. That culture should be the one most responsible for our standard of living: European influence.

DD: On the “About” page of your party website you state the following; “In 1971, 97% of Canada’s population was of European descent. In 2018, that number now stands at a diminished 64%. Therefore, we demand this demographic change (put forth by Pierre Trudeau and accelerated by Justin Trudeau) be discontinued immediately.” Why is it so important for the country to maintain its demographics and why should the average voter support such a measure?

TP: Demographics are destiny. If you change the demographic character of a country, the culture and laws will change with it. Demographics precede culture and civics because the former is made by nature while the later is made by man.

If you turn a blind eye to demographics then what are you truly standing for? Is society itself not a representation of the character of its people? Everything can be rebuilt and improved if the demographic integrity remains intact. Our enemies know this, and this is precisely why their chief aim is to fundamentally alter the demographics of Canada.

DD: Your very first point is to have a vote of no-confidence on current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. What has he done, or not done to support such an action?

TP: Justin Trudeau has done absolutely nothing for the average Canadian family. His intention is not to help the people he was elected to serve. This is enough to remove him from office. In any other corporate position, this man would have been sent packing ages ago.

DD: Currently your party is the only party that has advocated for such a massive reduction in immigration (20,000 annually), you have also shown to be the only party willing to consider a pause or zero immigration, temporary or otherwise. Why is Canada in need of such a reduction or even a pause, and why should the average Canadian support such a policy?

TP: Our immigration system is currently being used to change the demographic character of Canada. It is also making us poor. We’re quite literally working and paying for our own displacement.

As much as $35 billion dollars are being spent on an annual basis for our current immigration system. Our borders are weak and our deportation policies are even weaker. We no longer deport immigrants who have been convicted of serious criminal activity. If we were to curtail immigration, we could use the cost-savings to promote tax incentives for larger families and end the demographic winter.

Our birthrate is low right now because it is not affordable to have a large family. With the right policies, we could reverse this trend and focus on the integrity of the family unit in Canada.

DD: Point 16 of your 21-point platform states: “Newlywed couples be eligible for a marriage loan, 20% of which is forgiven with each child.” This is clearly an attempt to raise the native Canadian birth rate. Why is this important for Canada and why do you support such a measure?

TP: I believe Canada is a country with some of the greatest untapped potential in the world, but in order to uncover that potential we need a strong national identity. We need something to work towards that is greater than our individual selves. A higher birthrate would represent the continuity of this national identity and an ideal that could be inherited by future generations – I can think of nothing more worthwhile to work towards.

DD: Points 17 and 18 of your platform advocate military service and a large increase in military funding. Why is it important in today’s geopolitical climate for Canada to have a strong military and why should the Canadian taxpayer be willing to support this?

TP: If we had young adults serving in the military, not only would it dampen their enthusiasm for anarchism and communism, but it would instill a sense of character and belonging in their self-image. Most young people do not know what to do when they finish high school. A short stint in the military would sharpen their mind and body and prepare them for whatever lies ahead – be it starting a business or family.

DD: The final question is open, is there anything you would like to add or feel that the readers need to see?

TP: The Canadian way of life is being threatened. For decades, Canadians have alternated their voting power between the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party. I would urge Canadians to take a hard look at where this has brought us.

As these two major political parties rabble back-and-forth in our House of Commons, the average Canadian is fooled into thinking this is a display of political opposition. Let me be clear: this is not opposition. The Liberal Party and the Conservative Party are owned by the same people. They are one in the same. The decision to vote either Liberal or Conservative at the polls is an illusion of choice. Regardless of which way the election goes, you get the same end result: a gradualist progression towards an oppressive global government. This is done at a pace where the average citizen will not likely rise up in resistance and done deceptively enough that by the time the population realizes what is happening, it will be too late.

We now have government sponsored programs to “re-integrate” ISIS members. We neglect veterans who have served to protect out freedoms. Our Prime Minister parades the world showing off his socks. Perhaps most shocking is that political parties are banned from our university campuses while Bolshevik Communist groups are granted space.

Clearly something needs to change and that change will come with the Canadian Nationalist Party.