Update On CNP Western Canada Tour

Over the last month, the Canadian Nationalist Party has been touring Western Canada hosting events and introducing our party to new audiences. These events have been organized to communicate our policies and ideas for making Canada a better place to live.

Although our movement is still early, and our numbers are not great, it is encouraging to find that our message has found a dedicated audience across Western Canada. Clearly, Canadians are seeking political change and this is a desire that the existing parties do not address. The Canadian Nationalist Party will continue hosting events and networking with new audiences in Canada in order to find the grassroots support necessary to bring our party success.

As with any new idea, the Canadian Nationalist Party has met initial skepticism and misrepresentation, and it is our responsibility to set the narrative straight.

The members of our political party want to see a government in Canada who prioritizes the interests of majority, native-born citizens. Unfortunately, not everyone in the current political establishment has been open to this viewpoint. We have been banned from publicly funded universities, government owned convention centers, and even public squares that are open to other politically-oriented groups. All of these things have come about despite the fact that our party has not said a hateful word, caused no violence, and have violated no laws.

Recently, our group hosted an event at the Belgian Club in Winnipeg. We would like to extend a thank you to the Belgian Club and their staff for standing strong against attempted intimidation from disruptive protestors. On Saturday, July 28th, 2018 our event was met with protestors who attended our meeting without invitation. This group had no intention of keeping an open channel of dialogue, and therefore, in accordance with our mandate we asked them to vacate the premises. When they refused, we had the police escort these protesters out of the venue. Our group then proceeded with the meeting as usual, delivered a presentation on the viewpoints of our party, and continued the discussion at an additional venue later into the evening. We consider the event a success and the antics of our protestors as a display that threatens the freedom of expression, right to assemble, and ability of third-party organizations to retain their non-partison status when hosting political parties.

The Canadian Nationalist Party would like to thank the Winnipeg Police Department for their cordial and professional handling of the disruptive situation we experienced on July, 28th and for respecting our private booking at the Belgian Club. Although strong words were exchanged, no violence occurred at the event.

We recently received word that the Belgian Club was asking one of their board members to resign following the events during out meeting. We believe this is a short-sighted and poorly thought out decision. The staff at the Belgian Club acted promptly to remove the protesters who were disrupting our event and disrespecting the traditions of the venue. One such protester, refused to remove his face-veil when asked to do so. Other protesters refused to leave when asked to do so. Lest we forget, it is a sign of disrespect when a guest refuses to remove their face-veil inside a hall dedicated to the sacrifices our veterans have made in the name of Canadians rights and freedoms. Fitting then, that this very group intends to disrupt and disrespect these traditions with the actions they displayed on this day.

It is encouraging to see that the Belgian Club employs members of the community who still respect Canadian traditions and do not weaken when challenged with attempted intimidation from Antifa groups. The Canadian Nationalist Party recommends that any such board member’s employment be reinstated and an apology issued to the staff who behaved with professionalism and hospitality.

Furthermore, the Canadian Nationalist Party believes that the local media coverage of the event can be considered defamatory in nature and will be exploring legal avenues in order to protect the reputation of our organization for making false written and oral statements about our organization. In addition, we intend to file a complaint with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council against media outlets local to Winnipeg.

Thank you to our hosts, our sponsors, and our members for making this most recent Western Canada Tour a success. The Canadian Nationalist Party will continue developing its offering in order to ensure that native-born Canadians have a political platform they can use to make constructive change in our country.

For more information on the current status of CNP’s federal registration application: Elections Canada Confirming CNP Members

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The Undeclared War Against Canadians

They will not stop until our history, our culture, and our people have been replaced.

The changes start with our flag, our anthem, and now statues of our historical leaders.

Accusations of iniquity cast towards us, we are denied our ability to assemble and speak, and yet required to finance these institutions which are simultaneously prohibited to us.

A deadly terrorist attack in a city once considered safe is now a scapegoat to confiscate firearms.

Our central bank, the constitutional property of the Canadian Government, now in the hands of private profiteers.

A “democratic” electoral system where the two main parties share common owners.

A media propaganda machine which seeks always to extinguish the spark.

A government who intends to destroy the people who elected it – a government without grounds of authority.

Taxation without representation!

A desire for complete political reset on the minds of many.

These are issues too important not to address.

The spirit of Canadianism has been residing in a political coma, and it is time to awaken.

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Activism Policy

Reinstate Capital Punishment

The Canadian Nationalist Party recognizes capital punishment for crimes of High Treason, Terrorism, and Espionage.