An Address To The People Of Redvers

Let it be assured: the town of Redvers is supporting the Canadian Nationalist Party, as is the district of Souris – Moose Mountain, Saskatchewan, and the federal constituency simultaneously.

*Disclaimer: This address is a response to a complaint allegedly made to the Town Council of Redvers in regards to our campaign that was recently covered in local media outlets such as the Moosomin World-Spectator.

Recently it has come to my attention that certain elements within an electoral district we are competing in, would rather not see our movement succeed. These detractors would choose to defame & falsely portray us rather than listen & learn from us. Today I am addressing the people of Redvers as well as the complaint made with town council.

Note: We have been in contact with the municipal office of Redvers. We have shared with them our political platform and delivered to them notices of our rights under the Canada Elections Act.

The complainant argues that the actions of our candidate are in violation of bylaw number 553/2009, Nuisance Abatement, and that our organization should be “subject to a fine” for “the negative image they are giving the town of Redvers”.

The complainant then proceeds to publicly announce they are actively working with a communist agency who intends to unlawfully seize personal information of our membership and “work with local media” to cause social and potentially physical harm, as well as harassing employers and defaming reputations, in a bid to sabotage our campaign.

First and foremost, let me state that any effort to seize the personal information of our organization will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Canadian law.

Secondly, I would ask the complainant what exactly have they done to understand our message? They claim to be based in the municipality of Redvers but never have they attended an event, nor placed a phone call, or even sent an email. I’ve personally never come across this individual while I walked the streets of Redvers, knocking on doors, sitting down with people at their kitchen table to look them in the eye and ask the hard questions. The complainant has never voiced their concern with our organization. How can one take an issue with the Canadian Nationalist Party yet never make an effort to understand our policies in the first place?

The complainant also voices frustration that we are “gaining power in our backyards”. Let it be assured: the town of Redvers is voting nationalist, as is the district of Souris – Moose Mountain, Saskatchewan, and the Dominion of Canada as a whole.

What we are running on is a platform that recognizes the nationhood of our country.

Our constituency advocates for reinstating the Immigration Act of 1952 and reducing immigration to a rate of 20,000 – 100,000 newcomers per year. This is a position of responsible immigration into Canada. We believe this rate of immigration is necessary in Canada today because our employment infrastructure is not being stimulated by the aggregate spending of our government. We have a Liberal Party of Canada who intend on “phasing-out the Oil Sands” project in Western Canada.

As a nationalist party, cultural integration is very important. Currently, our immigration system is putting almost no emphasis on cultural integration and our current Immigration Minister, Mr. Ahmed Hussen, is attempting to redefine what it means to be Canadian using our broken immigration system.

How can the Nationalist Party be viewed as “anti-immigrant” when we are in favour of 20,000 – 100,000 newcomers to Canada per year? This is a pro-immigrant stance. We are also in favour of citizenship tests which screen applicants for competency in language, knowledge of history & government, cultural & ethnic integration, criminal record histories, etc.

We must immediately declare the entire US/Canada border an official point of entry while detaining any illegal migrants which attempt to cross. We will only permit refugee applications in cases of legitimate concern according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We retain the right to incarcerate and deport illegal migrants.

In response to the accusation of “anti-LGBT”, I would next ask the complainant to identify who exactly they are describing and if we have a right to disassociate from any particular group for any reason. The promotion of homosexuality using public taxpayer money must be discontinued immediately, our Prime Minister participating directly in pride parades is uncalled for, and using street crosswalks as a canvass to celebrate same-sex relationships is unacceptable. Gay pride flags must not be flown on public buildings, nor should publicly financed academic institutions use their infrastructure to promote literature which normalizes homosexuality.

Transgenderism, and the practice of allowing a child to “choose their gender”, enforced under the guise of family law, must be discouraged. Every human who has ever lived has been either male or female. We must help our allies return to a position of binary genderism.

Our detractors, which the complainant has already announced they are working with, would like the public to believe that we hold animosity towards entire ethnicities of people, and that our recent message ‘Beware The Parasitic Tribe‘ is aimed at banishing one from our country. This is a complete misinterpretation of our message and intention. What we have in Canada is a globalist, zionist-occupation of our government. Through their brazenness and aggressiveness they are exposing themselves, and in doing so, are legitimizing our message for all of Canada to see.

It is obvious that the livelihood of Canadians has suffered under this political establishment and the remedy is education.

The Canadian people must understand that there is a coordinated effort to suppress the nationhood of their country. It matters not what we call those responsible, only that the message rings with truth, increases the awareness of the listener, and spurs them to action.

Watch the video again. If you choose to self-identify with the group being described, ask yourself: why? Perhaps you should take a second look at your own actions and behaviors before pointing the finger at others and alleging ‘hate speech’.

I encourage the citizens of Redvers and beyond to contact the local town council to express their support for our movement and political party:

Town of Redvers

P: 306-452-3533
C: 306-840-7045


The Canadian Nationalist Party is available to field questions of Redvers and any other municipality we are actively competing in. If you have questions about the party:

Canadian Nationalist Party | Contact Us

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