The Canadian Nationalist Party has received word from Elections Canada that their Privacy Policy has been received and confirmed alongside the supporting documents to register a new federal party.

You can read the letter from Senior Director of Political Financing regarding the policy for protection of personal information: Elections Canada: Policy for the protection of personal information

You can read our party privacy policy: CNP Privacy Policy

Included in the letter was also a recommendation to strengthen the party policy regarding selling of personal information:

“While your party’s policy identifies various ways that the party uses personal information, no direct reference is made to the party’s practices with respect to selling personal information. An elector may benefit from a clarification in this regard.”

The Canadian Nationalist Party status for eligibility currently stands at 214/250 confirmations. Our final requirement remains confirming an additional 36 declarations. After this point, and after receiving acceptance from the Chief Registrar, the Canadian Nationalist Party will begin nominating candidates for the upcoming 43rd Federal Election.