CNP will make it illegal to conceal identity when attending a public protest. Failure to do so will be considered a criminal act.

The CNP is today sending a thank you to political party donors. Without these supporters, we would not be able to spread our message with new audiences and compete democratically in our election.

The mainstream media in this country cares nothing for the truth, only for advancing their agenda.

Souris - Moose Mountain candidate Travis Patron has submitted a Letter Of Complaint to the Town Council Of Redvers in response to the recent approval to use public utilities to promote the normalization of homosexuality.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has made publicly available the names of the electors who signed in support of party registration status.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is putting a call out for donations so that we may finance our ongoing campaign to compete in the upcoming general election.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has obtained official registration status now that it has successfully nominated at least 1 candidate to run in the upcoming 43rd Federal Election.

Party Leader Travis Patron has received confirmation from Elections Canada on his nomination for the electoral district of Souris - Moose Mountain.

The CNP is today putting out a call for candidates to run at the federal level.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is now entitled to purchase paid broadcasting time during prime time for the upcoming 43rd Federal Election.