The Canadian Nationalist Party has made the decision to open their discussion forum to the public for the sake of transparency and crowd-sourcing policy ideas.

The forum has previously been available to members only. However, party leadership has recently made the decision to open registration to members of the public in a bid to help familiarize voters with our campaign platforms and ideology.

The forum itself boast a wide range of topics ranging from a news section, global affairs, events calendar, announcements, and real-time chat feature.

Upon making the decision, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron had this to say:

We believe making the Canadian Nationalist Forum open and available to the public is not only a great way to grow our movement but to create transparency and a channel to address opposing viewpoints and objections. Our opposition would like Canadians to believe we are operating in the shadows, carefully concealing some sort of nefarious agenda … nothing could be further from the truth. I am confident that once the public sees for themselves that our party is actively working with their best interests in mind, and that we are open to critical discussion, our movement will benefit tremendously and our party will become mainstream.

Register on the forum: Canadian Nationalist Forum