News Statement

Thank You To Our Supporters!

The Canadian Nationalist Party is today sending a thank you to all our supporters and volunteers who have contributed to our campaign over the last several months leading up to this election.

Without the contributions of these people, our party would not be where it is today. What we have accomplished, is introducing an entirely new political narrative into the public consciousness of Canadians.

Where other party’s opt for an awkward middle-ground, we have chosen an explicitly nationalist option because we believe it to the be the only political trajectory capable of saving the Canada we once knew. We want a government that recognizes the nationhood of Canada and is not willing to sacrifice our national identity on the alter of political correctness.

This is a message of gratitude for the support and contributions we have received. It is also a message of hope that the public will be willing and capable of seeing through the egregious lies of the media. Our intention is to restore Canada to the strength and glory it once represented, and in order to do so, remove the malicious, globalist influence from our country entirely.

Be sure to head to the polls this election day, October 21st, and make your vote count!