The words enclosed within these pages are for the soldier, for if you are not willing to fight for the cause of nationalism, then you have no ability to grasp even the most basic concept behind it. The qualifications or aptitudes you posses as an individual are irrelevant, and all must choose to resist against the great struggle we face together, or accept their own defeat with open arms.

At the time of this writing, our country is under attack. This is not a form of war with boots on the ground and sirens blaring, but rather one which gradually robs our nation of its economic and social foundation. So gradual is this progression that the common citizen would not likely rise to resist the plunderer.

For the past several decades, since the term of Pierre Trudeau, Canada has been undergoing a silent, coercive coup of communism. With his successor, Justin Trudeau now taking his second term in the Prime Minister’s office and a complete failure of the “opposition” party to dethrone him of that position democratically, it is now dawning on Canadians that alternative methods of political change may need to be pursued. The probability of democratic reform in Canada (returning this country into the strong and beautiful nation it once was) using nothing other than the vote – is now entirely unlikely following the 43rd Federal Election (a fool’s errand).

Do you have a vote? Absolutely yes, just as long as whatever federally elected, officially recognized party that you end up voting for supports the deliberate destruction of our ethnic culture, then yes you have a vote.

Just as long as whoever you end up voting for has been carefully selected, verified, and comes with the United Nations stamp of approval, then yes you have a vote. But if you are to dare formulate the opinion that ethnocide is not strength and you refuse to vote for those that seek to demographically replace you, then no, you do not have a vote and you have not had one for decades. We were never given the ability to approve or disapprove of this insane level of mass immigration by the power of a vote, nor were we asked when they changed the words to our National anthem. We are only given the illusion that those who are approved to represent us as leaders, actually wish to make a difference.

Although our constituency competed democratically this election, even the path to attain official status and field candidates was deliberately made difficult for new entrants such as ourselves. What has been created in our country is an artificial barrier to implementing the political change we desire. This barrier comes in multiple forms – perhaps most notably, our current media industrial complex which is the antithesis of true Canadianism. Additionally, our government is using taxpayer resources to fund initiatives designed to suppress our ideology and the nationhood of our country.

Our political party itself has come under direct and overt attempts to sabotage our campaign. First, during the effort to attain official status. Later, after the drop of the writ where our organization was denied permits to assemble in public spaces and freely communicate our election policies with Canadian voters.

From municipal government, to provincial and federal, we have had a total lack of accountability with regards to our Charter Rights while actively campaigning. As we have stated from the very outset of this campaign, diplomacy is an essential tool for advancing political interests without the need for violence. Unfortunately, our government here in Canada is censoring any diplomatic channel that would otherwise be made available to our constituency under a government which respects these same Charter Rights.

This requires us to begin considering avenues of political change in order to combat what we believe is a “basic dictatorship” forming under the current Liberal Party of Canada. Understand: we pursue these alternative avenues out of necessity. We do this because of the love we have for our nation and the legacy we cherish as Canadians. We also understand that life at its basic foundation is a struggle. Mother nature only tolerates the most resilient and adaptable species all-the-while seeking with ferocity the extinction of weakness. The strong must dominate the weak and the cowardly and traitorous must be made prey.

For those with an eye for the obvious, Canadians are quite literally being taxed to death. Already, we are one of the most taxed jurisdictions in the entire world – and yet our money is sent to foreign nations, all the while our borders are open to incompatible ideologies and our infrastructure crumbles. We have taxes upon taxes in Canada. When the revenue agencies are done billing your account, interest is laid ontop of existing liabilities. To do such a thing, while not permitting federal political parties such as ours to compete in elections through public assembly and communication of our policies is taxation without representation.

Our existing legislation allows us non-compliance with any government who cannot honour these obligations. Lawful rebellion is made available where injustice can be adequately demonstrated. As an act of self-defence, we must repel and remove the foreign occupation of our government which is depriving us our self-determination while simultaneously introducing measures that will result in the complete desolation of our country.

What we have today in Canada is an infiltration of our government. As we have stated previously, this opposition infiltrates the media, hijacks our central bank, and infects the body politic. They attempt to hide in a place beyond criticism and use misdirection and sleight-of-hand to turn the common people against one another.

Before the election one could take pity in the hopes of many to make change at the ballot box. But now, following a humiliating defeat of the opposition party, Canadians seem to be in a state of shock – as though they are now without direction. At this point, relying on the vote to improve our political position is simply not an option. It must be made clear that putting our intent on a democratic reform, at this point, is a futile endeavor.

And yet we have separatist parties springing up on both coasts … each arguing that the existence of the other is to their own detriment. Meanwhile, the cultural and demographic foundations of both are being eroded simultaneously.

A significant portion of Canadians are in a state of paralysis, almost as though they do not wish to acknowledge the situation they are in. Their silence is complicity and further disables them from improving their position.

Since the very day we started this political party we have worked to gain popular support, and although gains have been made in our communities, there is still much that must be done. Apathy and indifference to our political situation in Canada can no longer be tolerated. It is not enough for Canadians to oppose the current establishment, they must also support a cause to replace it. This is where the media coverage of a movement such as ours comes into play, paralysis bystanders and influencing them to remain totally inactive. A huge portion of Canadians have opted out of the political process entirely, essentially giving up their power to our opposition and the current political establishment. Canadians seems to have forgotten the importance of sacrifice and are instead relying on someone else to do the heavy lifting. This is a huge mistake which will result in the disenfranchisement of the neutral bystander just as much as any supporters. The bystander refuses to get active whatsoever and instead relies on the hope that someone else, whether it be existing law enforcement, military institutions, or otherwise, will do the work for them. This is cowardice.

The apathetic bystander has seen the equity value of their 20+ year mortgage plummet in value. The prices at the local supermarket have markedly increased and their consumer debt levels have ballooned. Whispers of firearm confiscation now emanate from our political offices – all the while we import incompatible ideologies and overwhelm our social services with unsustainable immigration. Yet, the apathetic bystander does not take action. They play stupid and seem to blend right in with their counterparts. No contribution is ever made to a political cause and never will you find them attending an event or proposing policies. Instead, they spend their evenings infront of the television in a state of hypnosis. If Canadians put as much energy into making political change as they do conforming to the narrative on their television, our country would be transformed overnight. Canadian society is chalk-full of these useless bystanders who feebly rely on society yet give nothing of substance in return. These bystanders do not seem to understand that their indifference and refusal to get involved is not an effective strategy, as they too stand to lose everything they have. Apathy and silence will only make this more painful. Speak now or have your circumstances determined for you.

Perhaps the best way of testing the loyalty of bystanders is to ask for a gift-in-kind. This is not a monetary donation but an act of goodwill towards the party. Tasks which would ordinarily come at a price, should be given at steep discounts or at no-cost. The party itself is already fighting for the well-being of the bystander, whether they realize it or not, and a gift-in-kind on their behalf is entirely appropriate.

Supporters of our cause must demonstrate their support by making available their goods & services to the party at no-cost or a significant discount. Always ask for a contribution to the party in the form of a gift-in-kind and demonstrate to them why the success of the movement will directly benefit them. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Those in our community who are interested only in serving their selfish, capitalistic interests are not aligned with our values. Someone who refuses to make their services available to the party for a discount represents someone who is either neutral or opposed to the cause and should be treated accordingly. Ask the bystander to contribute. Do this not threateningly, but politely and persistently. They may not have the financial resources to make a monetary donation, but there is no excuse for refusing to contribute their expertise and labour product in the form of a gift-in-kind. This includes intangible public goodwill (such as the “benefit-of-the-doubt”, “suspended judgement”, “leniency”, or “patience”). Be bold and firm with your requests and do not make them too often lest the listener will become desensitized and will no longer consider the requests as serious.

As a political movement we must no longer tolerate indifference or apathy towards our cause. The neutral bystander must be converted into an active loyalist, contributing directly or indirectly to the cause. At this point, where democratic reform is entirely unlikely, the bystander who attempts to hide in the shadows, waiting for someone else to do the work for them, cannot be tolerated. Even worse, are those in our communities who silently oppose us, and instead of confronting us with questions and objections, sabotage our efforts when our back is turned. Root these people out and expel them from our communities.
Too many Canadians today stand for nothing in particular. They also vastly underestimate the lowered standard of living they will experience if the opposition is successful.

The middle-ground is closing quickly. Canadians must pick a side: either nationalism or globalism.

The former holds the potential to retain our national sovereignty from corporate NGOs (United Nations). Canadian nationalism can serve to provide an economic and social foundation to revive our identity as Canadians and prosperity for future generations.

The later holds the potential to rob Canada of its natural resources, sovereignty, identity, and extinguish what our ancestors had originally envisioned when setting foot on this continent ages ago – not only the first meeting between White Europeans and American Indians, but the Vikings of Vinland and the first embarkments on what became Atlantic Canada five centuries later.

We here are the Canadian Nationalist Party will not allow those who would see this heritage disgraced continue to govern us.
It is not enough to simply believe in something, we must also fight for something. The national identity and sovereignty of our country is indeed worth fighting for and we fully intend to.