Please consider this a request for disclosure regarding the aforementioned file.

Canadian Nationalist Party is temporarily pausing all membership fees until further notice.

We intend to have Mr. Patron continue acting as our corporate representation in this matter and are requesting from Court Of Queen’s Bench that this intention be honoured.

Be it understood that this notice is a lawful instrument which requires your attention and prompt response. This 'Notice Of Opportunity To Cure' may be used as evidence in my defence and is the second notice to be served to your office regarding this matter. The first preceding notice has thus far either been ignored or mislaid. This succeeding notice is to be considered a further opportunity to rebut or confirm our original observation made that Article 61 of the Magna Carta is currently in effect and that it stands as the Supreme Law of the realm.

It will be interesting to see if this comment gets approved by the blog itself. Failure to do so would only call into question the accuracy of all materials published on Anti-Racist Canada since its inception, while approving the comment would force writers of the blog to take a public stance and justify their words of defamation and actions of harassment.

The Chief Agent of a registered party must submit the Statement of Registered Party’s Assets and Liabilities (EC 20232) to the Chief Electoral Officer within six months of registration.

We demand you annul the aforementioned conditions, allowing free travel of all residents within the province, and not make any attempt to limit public gatherings to 50 people.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is today sending a message of urgent warning to members and supporters to stock up on essential supplies in response to the economic downturn of world markets. The Dow has lost 31.7% since February 12th. Prepare for the worst while expecting the best.

Notice Of Conditional Acceptance served to Government Of Saskatchewan regarding charges against Party Leader Travis Patron.