Canadian Nationalist Party membership fee has increased from $20 to $50 annually. This increase is intended to provide a foundation of support for those who may not be able/willing to directly contribute their labour but still desire an alternative means of backing the party.

The current focus of membership fee revenue is directed toward:

  1. Locating and developing properties which serve as an event space and/or central base of operations.
  2. Research & practical application of Common Law, criminal defense, and civil litigation.
  3. Creation of political propaganda for the sake of creating public goodwill and education.

In instances where the current membership fee is not financially impractical, complementary membership may be available as an alternative on the condition that the individual has already and continues to support the movement through directly contributing their labour.

Important Note: Current members (those who have registered as members prior to this fee increase) will continue to pay the same annual $20 fee. Existing members are “grandfathered” in at the price they originally agreed to.

Canadian Nationalist Party membership information is kept private unless requested for purposes of obtaining eligibility with agencies responsible for administering elections and referendums.

For more information, read our privacy policy.

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