The Canadian Nationalist Party is today sending a message of cautious warning to members and supporters to stock up on essential supplies in response to the economic downturn of world markets. The Dow has lost 31.7% since February 12th and shows few signs of recovering.

Prepare for the worst while expecting the best. Fear not while preparing for the storm.

Specifically, we are recommending stocking:

  • physical cash
  • batteries
  • fuel (gasoline, diesel, oil, firewood)
  • clean water, non-perishable food

We are also recommending members prepare a “bug out bag” in-case they need to move from their current location. Have a plan of action at the ready. Network with neighbors and find common ground.

Do not act with violence toward others or vandalize property. Do not aid in destruction.


Canadian Nationalist Party

It is through our policies and vision of a better way of life that we will form a majority government by uniting the hearts and minds of Canadians.