Premier Scott Moe
Government Of Saskatchewan
226 Legislative Building
Regina, SK, S4S 0B3

Travis Patron
Canadian Nationalist Party
PO Box 490
Redvers, SK, S0C 2H0

Date Served: March 19th, 2020


Government Of Saskatchewan,

I am writing you today in order to put you on notice of our constituency’s objection towards your recent declaration of emergency within the province.

Specifically, we object to complying with the Government Of Saskatchewan’s alleged “ability to limit travel to or from a community or region of the province”. Additionally, we object to the request to “prohibit public gatherings to 50 people or less”. Various municipalities within your jurisdiction (Saskatoon) have already violated our constitutional and democratic rights to assemble publicly and speak policies to the voting public during an election.

We will not tolerate further encroachment on our ability to gather in the public space.

As recent as March 18th, the Government Of Canada reports that the “coronavirus”, has a meager 690 confirmed cases country-wide, while news media outlets report a grand total of 8 deaths

Your alarmist declaration in the province of Saskatchewan in response to these circumstances is unprecedented and unnecessary.

These rash actions have a high probability of causing undo suppression of our economic conditions – especially in rural areas of the province.

We demand you annul the aforementioned conditions, allowing free travel of all residents within the province, and not make any attempt to limit public gatherings to 50 people.


Travis Patron
Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party


Travis Patron

Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party