Patron Addresses Anti-Racist Canada Fallout

Writers Boast “Solidarity” and “Justice” After Being Ousted In Lawsuit

In a move of public accountability, Party Leader Travis Patron has addressed the recent fallout of shadowy blog Anti-Racist Canada, whose writers were recently ousted by being named in a lawsuit.

Posting to the comments section of post “After More Than 12 Years, Allow Me To Introduce Myself“, Patron chastised the existing comments which he sarcastically characterized as fraudulent, before imploring the writers of the blog to “apologize and ask forgiveness”. The allegations against the blog are for “actions of defamation and harassment against average, patriotic Canadian citizens”.

Patron also claimed that if the writers were truly proud of their work, as they openly state, they would “have taken a public stand since day 1”.

Patron calls for Anti-Racist Canada to Cease And Desist their actions of defamation and harassment against Canadians.

The comment has not yet received approval and is pending confirmation.

It will be interesting to see if this comment gets approved by the blog itself. Failure to do so would call into question the integrity of all materials published on Anti-Racist Canada since its inception, while approving the comment would force writers of the blog to take a public stance and justify their words of defamation and actions of harassment.

Patron implored the writers to “apologize and ask forgiveness” at the end of the comment, and warned that failure to do so could result in “swift, merciless, and publicly humiliating” judgement.