Today, during a public demonstration, I gave the Roman Salute to a cenotaph in the center of my town. I did this because I believe our country needs political change now more than ever before. During the demonstration, I also delivered a sermon on a religious subject which is in the public interest.

I do not believe this was done dishonourably or against the sacrifices of those who perished in the Great War of 1914-1918 to which the memorial pays tribute. As for those who the monument pays tribute to and who fought in conflicts other than the Great War of 1914-1918, I ask the public to respect our right to remain silent – as to do otherwise carries the potential of incurring greater degrees of confusion amongst myself and others.

During the demonstration, I approached the square, and stood for a while gazing upon the statue of a soldier. I inquired with it guidance on what I was about to do. The statue of the soldier asked “Is your heart true?”, to which I replied without hesitation “Yes it is”, and the statue of the soldier affirmed, stating “Then you may proceed”.

While saluting, I was also instructed to “hold”.

I asked those who were in attendance to notify me immediately if what I was doing was a dishonourable act. The individuals nearest to myself denied that the gesture was necessarily dishonourable. None of the 3 persons other than myself who were in attendance came forward during the demonstration to object or notify that this gesture was dishonourable.

In the same way we are all held accountable for our action, we are also held accountable for our inaction.

I can understand how some may be confused or even offended at such a gesture. I would implore them to consider how unaccountable our federal government has become and how this is negatively affecting the lives of Canadians. I would also ask them to consider how we should be expected to respond given that during and leading up to the recent 43rd Federal Election we have not been permitted access to the public commons in a meaningful way in order to promote our policies and compete democratically. Finally, I would urge our fellow citizens to understand that such a gesture carries only those connotations that are ascribed to it – and for us, it is one of honour, strength, and justice.

I see being upfront and direct with our stance as the best alternative to resorting to violence amongst one another. In order to proceed in good faith, it is a requirement of us to be upfront and honest with who we are and what we represent.

We are grateful to those who are of understanding and patience.

In no way has it ever been our intention to cause undue harm or disrepute to anyone.

We welcome those into our political constituency who would also embrace the Roman Salute.


Travis Patron

Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party