Canadian Nationalist Party membership fee has increased.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has submitted a formal complaint to the office of the CBC Ombudsman alleging a violation of their stated mandate of Journalistic Standards and Practices - code of ethics and practice.

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Tam downplays Chinese origins of the coronavirus, instead attempting to silence those who link the virus to China, and Chinese in Canada, by warning Canadians to that such accusations are "racist" and "divisive", claiming that our country is built on "deep-rooted" values of diversity - despite that fact that the demographic character of Canada was 97% European in as recent as 1971.

In putting subjects of The Crown on public notice of our standing in law, with the intent to prevent any breach of peace, we request, as lawfully obliged, prompt acknowledgement or objection of this notice including any undue consideration.

Other than the National Citizens Alliance‚Äč, the CNP is the only federally-registered political party headquartered in Western Canada.