Citizens Of Redvers,

I have been thinking of a method in which to reciprocate with the generosity and selflessness the local community has shown the Nationalist Party. It occurred to me that we, as a federally-sanctioned political party, are not utilizing the fundraising opportunities available to us as much as we could. Therefore, I am proposing a fundraising initiative to increase the artistic and cultural amenities available to the citizens of this great community.

Here are the details:

  • Using the party, the federal government will offer a tax credit of up to the donor of 75% (an individual who donates $400 to the party is credited with $300 by the federal government, the maximum amount an individual can donate per year is $1625)
  • The party itself will pledge 100% of proceeds (after project costs themselves are covered) to reviving the Arts Center (which to my knowledge was recently demolished).
  • All donations to the party must (pursuant to Canada Elections Act) be publicly available through Elections Canada upon request.
  • The project will adhere to a strict timeline.

If we assume that the population of Redvers is 1000 people and 1/4 people are willing to donate their maximum annual amount ($1625 with a $650 tax credit per donor), we would have a fund worth $406,250 while collectively earning $162,500 in tax-credit from the federal government. That’s $162,500 directly from the coffers of the federal government.

If we assume that 2000 people from the surrounding area are willing to donate their maximum annual amount, we would have a fund worth $3.25 million with an additional collective tax-credit of $1.3 million directly from the federal government.

I think more than anything this could be a winning proposal in that it gives the youth of our community something to constructively occupy themselves rather than filling the void with mischief.

For more information on how tax-deductions work with our party: Party Donation

More information: Elections Canada Political Financing

It is important to note that any and all contributions would remain under the dominion of the Canadian Nationalist Party Inc. and not be transferred to any additional entity.

I imagine something like this would have a “snowball effect” – gaining the first few pledges would be difficult but once people see the idea is catching on, they would be willing to contribute themselves.

Please consider this nothing more than a proposal at this point.

Travis Patron
Canadian Nationalist Party Inc.

Travis Patron

Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party