Activism News Statement

Canadian Nationalists Seek Ethnostate

Canadian Nationalists seek an ethnostate to call home.

At this point, any person who is enthusiastic about this is a potential ally and any person who decries this is probably expendable.

We define the term “ethnostate” here as a political body of government founded on a common language, ethnic background, and cultural identity. Those that do not meet the criteria of the dominant ethnicity may be eligible for honourary citizenship.

Ideally, we will establish such through diplomatic means. However, if the opposition is not willing to prepare a table before us and hear our voice, then alternative measures may be necessary.

Regardless, we will have our ethnostate one way or another. We will do what is necessary to enhance our honour, bring down tyranny, uplift the impoverished, and save the The Lost among us.

Travis Patron, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader

10 Ways To Support Canadian Nationalism

The following is a list of ways to support our political movement in advancing nationalism in Canada:

  1. Understand that our government institutions and media sector have largely been infiltrated by a political collective hostile toward our national identity.
  2. Invoke the will of God by walking humbly in His Word, treating others the way you yourself wish to be treated, and paying homage to the mystery of it all.
  3. Make a tax-deductible party donation or a non-monetary gift-in-kind contribution to the party. This can be either goods or services that are offered to the party at no cost in exchange for goodwill.
  4. Buy and read party literature.
  5. Print and distribute party pamphlets in your community.
  6. Stand for nomination as a representative of your local electoral district.
  7. Write & create content to be used for the party website.
  8. Provide administrative and recruitment support. Our party is always looking to grow its ranks and we need good people to help make that happen.
  9. Work to exploit the opposition’s weaknesses and collect counter-intelligence.
  10. Join our citizen militia and help us take back our streets.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

Travis Patron, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader
Activism News Statement

CBC Failing To Uphold Journalistic Mandate

CBC Failing To Uphold Journalistic Mandate
*Disclaimer: the following is a follow-up to the recent Canadian Nationalist Party complaint submitted to the Office Of The Ombudsman alleging a violation of their stated mandate of Journalistic Standards and Practices – code of ethics and practice.

Office Of The Ombudsman,

My main point of contention lies with the idea that CBC, as a publicly-funded media broadcaster, has paid no attention whatsoever to the fact that a federal political party espousing the ideology of nationalism has been (for all intents and purposes) excluded from the democratic channel during and leading up to the recent 43rd Federal Election. It is unacceptable to justify this lack of coverage by claiming that the Canadian Nationalist Party is a “small party” and therefore does not warrant this kind of coverage when the subject-matter at hand demonstrates it is essentially impossible to grow any party who is not permitted to host public events and communicate their policies during an active election. This is a fundamental violation of our constitutional rights and self-determination.

In terms of mandate, the CBC is obligated to report on current affairs within the country which are in the public interest. The aforementioned claim is indeed in the public interest because Canadian citizens are not only being kept in the dark about the electoral policies of a federal political party but they are being denied meaningful representation when it comes to the ideology of nationalism. To not report on the exclusion of the ideology of nationalism from democratic proceedings in Canada is contrary to the public interest.

The Canadian Nationalist Party currently has active lawsuits in court regarding these claims. This too is in the public interest to know about – yet no coverage whatsoever has been brought to these very important issues which relate to the democratic and constitutional integrity of our society.

The willful lack of coverage of these developments, combined with the track record of CBC ubiquitously reporting negatively-oriented information about the same political party, provide reasonable grounds to conclude that our publicly-funded media broadcaster has departed from its mandate of journalistic integrity and balanced reporting

Therefore, unless they can make amends and keep Canadians informed of these very serious violations against our democratic and constitutional integrity, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation cannot be said to be acting in the public interest and should not expect the support of taxpaying citizens.


Travis Patron, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader