We here at the Nationalist Party have decided to create a new discussion forum to advance the nationalist movement in our country and beyond. The main reason to create a new forum is to brand it after the ideology espoused by our party, that of national faithism.

Our ideological worldview, which we call national faithism, is one which recognizes the right of nations to exercise their sovereignty and self-determination under the Heavenly Father’s Kingdom on Earth. This is a members-only forum for nationalists worldwide which will not be breached by the opposition.

Resolutions to develop an ideology-specific community platform:

  • Access to the platform is available to members-only and not to be public. It has become known to us that there is a clear demand for privacy on the web in regards to our variant of political activism. Conventional social media platforms are increasing their methods of censorship and surveillance.
  • Any person who identifies with our party ideology (national faithism) is eligible to be a member. This decision could be considered a move toward pan-nationalism in contrast to strictly nationalism within Canada.
  • Use of the forum is directed toward organizing events, communicating in real-time, and collaborating on current objectives.
  • Forum is hosted on its own root domain (nationalfaithism.org) rather than a subdomain and does not use a country-specific top-level-domain (TLD).

The old forum will continue to remain active for some time as we transition to the new one.

We ask anyone who has a website and is in support of our movement to add a link to this forum on their page so that more visitors may find it.

You can submit a registration request immediately by visiting the following URL: National Faithist Forum