Feb 2021

Refuse To Bow

Who controls the British Crown? Most certainly not the common people …

As we watch the current government administration introduce progressively more draconian policies regarding a pandemic (which may or may not exist in the first place), one must wonder at what point will we stop putting our faith in Her Majesty The Queen and refocus on something entirely new? That time appears now at hand.

The existing legal remedies available to us through the current government administration are simply not capable of accommodating the political change we desire. This is not by chance but by design. The people who are now in control of the British Crown are not our allies, and those who continue to serve it are unwitting accomplices, in cahoots with an opposition determined to bring about a world government surveillance state which would make modern-day China look like a cakewalk.

The tentacles of these people reach far and wide and, just as important, is the manner in which they use them – blinding the judges of the earth and only highlighting the facts of the matter which support their ungodly narrative. They both selectively report on current affairs and selectively enforce the law to their advantage. Behind the scenes, these people engage in unspeakable acts, which are not brought into the light due to their modus operandi of secrecy and their cultish devotion to keeping the masses in ignorance. These people need to be rooted out and held accountable.

When they slip up and make an unforeseen error that reveals their involvement in various criminal acts, their media resources swoop in to concoct an incredulous story and paint a scapegoat in the minds of the masses. Their activities are never put under the limelight and their presence is never officially acknowledged. Yet, they do indeed live and walk among us.

These hypocrites are becoming more bold as of late due to their increasing monopoly on the media narrative as well as a continual push to exterminate opposition. One of their greatest weaknesses however, is their pretentiousness and over-confidence. They seem to think we must obey them at a whim. They seem to think the game has already been won.

I didn’t hear any bell.

The game is still yet to be decided, and I daresay we have a decided advantage: God is with us. I am confident that a day will come in the near future where we expose these people for what they truly are: criminals and terrorists. And when that day comes, we will put them on trial and serve justice in a manner our nation so rightfully deserves. It will be the gift that keeps on giving, like the juice of a fruit that can be squeezed endlessly or a bottomless mine shaft of gold.

Those who continue to support an administration when it was clearly not what it claimed to be will not be exempt from scrutiny. We will accept no appeal to authority as a lawful defense for their continued oppression of our kind and allegiance to an overtly corrupt administration.

The choice we now need to make is one in which we either continue to bow to Her Majesty The Queen in right of Canada or, alternatively, fight for the future generations which have yet to come. There is no middle ground.

Mr. Travis Mitchell Patron
Canadian Nationalist Party Leader