Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron visited the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Headquarters in Saskatchewan on Friday to demand they uphold their journalistic mandate after completely neglecting coverage of their claim that the Government Of Canada has failed to uphold the democratic mandate.

The highest court in Saskatchewan denies individual liberty has "any application" in granting myself leave to represent the federal political party I founded and continue to lead in the court of law.

Feb 2021

Refuse To Bow

The choice we now need to make is one in which we continue to bow to Her Majesty The Queen in right of Canada or, alternatively, fight for the future generations which have yet to come.

The ensign of national faithism, commissioned September 22nd, 2020, by Travis Mitchell Patron, depicting the earth, sky, and rising sun cross signalling the “dawning” of a New Age. This type of political collective is characterized by common faith, territory, and blood.

Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron has wrote to the Royal Canadian Legion following their decision to exclude his party from their branches leading up to the most recent 43rd Federal Election last year.

Fellow Nationalist, 2020 has come and gone and our country may never be the same again. This was a year not many were expecting. It seems as though next year could be much of the same, with the Globalists and their puppet politicians pushing for further lockdowns and diminishing our basic freedoms. As much of the Western World goes through similar struggles, it is clear that these measures are not

Freshdaily Inc., owner of publication blogTO, was served a court order to cease and desist defamatory publication about Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron today. The court of common law held reasonable grounds that articles published on Thursday, December 17th, entitled “Sculpture in Toronto park vandalized by white nationalist“, were defamatory in nature and that the online publication acted with negligence by including false allegations about Canadian Nationalist Party Leader