The opposition has hijacked an identity which does not rightfully belong to them.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is today laying out some facts regarding the ongoing progress of our political movement.

Join the fight against communism and save Canada.

We welcome those into our political constituency who would also embrace the Roman Salute.

Under Clause 61 of our constitional Magna Carta, which was sworn by on March 3rd, 2020, The Canadian Nationalist Party is today giving advanced notice of our intent to seize property, hereby known as the "Redvers Cenotaph", whose rightful ownership is currently disputed.

It would appear that the establishment authority in this country is not interested in diplomacy or negotiation of any sort - and they are willing to violate our constitutional guarantees to ensure no such luxury is made available to us.

What if this whole "pandemic" was orchestrated then exaggerated by the Globalists using their colossal media resources in order to crash our economy and usher in a totally cashless society where every transaction was under surveillance and every person required to obey a class of unelected, unaccountable rulers who lorded over them with a despotic form of government?

It will be interesting to see if this comment gets approved by the blog itself. Failure to do so would only call into question the accuracy of all materials published on Anti-Racist Canada since its inception, while approving the comment would force writers of the blog to take a public stance and justify their words of defamation and actions of harassment.

We demand you annul the aforementioned conditions, allowing free travel of all residents within the province, and not make any attempt to limit public gatherings to 50 people.

When in the course of human affairs it becomes necessary to dissolve the allegiances of government which no longer support the betterment of a people, there is no cause more just than upholding the right to self-determination.