The Southeast Regional Library has yet to disclose any reason why Patron would be banned, but many locals are now concerned that those who do not support the public promotion of LGBT will too be excluded from accessing public utilities.

In response to a LGTBQ2+ crosswalk that was put into place last month, Party Leader Travis Patron has submitted a petition to “discontinue publicly promoting homosexuality” within the local municipality to the Redvers Town Council.

As Canadian Nationalists, our intention is not to be remembered as martyrs of the cause, but of victors and champions who brought it to fruition. Our nation must reclaim and exceed its former glory within the dominion of Canada and beyond. Nothing less will be acceptable and those who stand in opposition must be dealt with accordingly. Our intention must be righteous and our weapon of choice that of truthfulness.

If you are someone who supports discontinuing the public promotion of homosexuality within our community, we encourage you to add your signature to this petition.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has had both their Facebook Page and now YouTube Channel suspended after uploading our 'Beware The Parasitic Tribe' video.

The opposition has hijacked an identity which does not rightfully belong to them.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is today laying out some facts regarding the ongoing progress of our political movement.

Join the fight against communism and save Canada.

We welcome those into our political constituency who would also embrace the Roman Salute.

Under Clause 61 of our constitional Magna Carta, which was sworn by on March 3rd, 2020, The Canadian Nationalist Party is today giving advanced notice of our intent to seize property, hereby known as the "Redvers Cenotaph", whose rightful ownership is currently disputed.