Canadian Nationalist Party Ensign Concept - Commissioned September 22nd, 2020

The Canadian Nationalist Party has had both their Facebook Page and now YouTube Channel suspended after uploading our 'Beware The Parasitic Tribe' video.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is continuing to issue tax receipts for those who have generously donated to the party.

Canadian Nationalist Party is temporarily pausing all membership fees until further notice.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has filed a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission regarding their denial of service of publicly-funded infrastructure during the recent 43rd Federal Election which, the party claims, amounts to an infringement of Charter Rights as well as a suppression of the democratic channel.

The Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections has opened a formal review of a complaint filed by the Canadian Nationalist Party which claims our rights under the Canada Elections Act have been infringed and our ability to communicate policies and nominate candidates has been violated during the recent 43rd Federal Election.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has filed a civil lawsuit against the City Of Saskatoon.

In the wake of the outbreak of Coronavirus in China, the Canadian Nationalist Party is calling on the Federal Government to temporarily halt incoming flights from China until the severity of the development can be accurately gauged. Diagnosis of coronavirus has already been presumed by the Ontario Government. It is import we react proactively to this outbreak and limit its potential to spread in Canada.

Souris - Moose Mountain candidate Travis Patron has submitted a Letter Of Complaint to the Town Council Of Redvers in response to the recent approval to use public utilities to promote the normalization of homosexuality.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has made publicly available the names of the electors who signed in support of party registration status.