We intend to have Mr. Patron continue acting as our corporate representation in this matter and are requesting from Court Of Queen’s Bench that this intention be honoured.

Be it understood that this notice is a lawful instrument which requires your attention and prompt response. This 'Notice Of Opportunity To Cure' may be used as evidence in my defence and is the second notice to be served to your office regarding this matter. The first preceding notice has thus far either been ignored or mislaid. This succeeding notice is to be considered a further opportunity to rebut or confirm our original observation made that Article 61 of the Magna Carta is currently in effect and that it stands as the Supreme Law of the realm.

The Chief Agent of a registered party must submit the Statement of Registered Party’s Assets and Liabilities (EC 20232) to the Chief Electoral Officer within six months of registration.

Notice Of Conditional Acceptance served to Government Of Saskatchewan regarding charges against Party Leader Travis Patron.

The 'Committee Of Twenty-Five Barons' invoked Article 61 of the Magna Carta on March 23rd, 2001, and continue to act with Lawful Dissent.

When in the course of human affairs it becomes necessary to dissolve the allegiances of government which no longer support the betterment of a people, there is no cause more just than upholding the right to self-determination.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is today making a public claim that their right to self-determination (free will) has been, and continues to be, violated under the current government administration.

In the wake of the outbreak of Coronavirus in China, the Canadian Nationalist Party is calling on the Federal Government to temporarily halt incoming flights from China until the severity of the development can be accurately gauged. Diagnosis of coronavirus has already been presumed by the Ontario Government. It is import we react proactively to this outbreak and limit its potential to spread in Canada.

What we have observed and experienced in Canada as a federal political party indicates that our constitutional rights and freedoms are being actively supressed by the current government.

Do you have a vote? Absolutely yes, just as long as whatever federally elected, officially recognized party that you end up voting for supports the deliberate destruction of our ethnic culture, then yes you have a vote.