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Dearest fellow Canadians, no one in our Country should go homeless during the harsh realities of Canadian winters. Yet, many of our cities homeless shelters simply have no more room due to the irresponsible choices of our government.

This winter is expected to be especially cold.

We here at the Nationalist Charity Program will not stand by and see our fellow Canadians freeze. Last year in Toronto alone over 70 people died during the winter due to homelessness. We have made it our mission to do everything in our power not to see this take place.

We are canvassing our neighborhoods and asking for your help in any way you can. Through your generosity, we purchase:

  • sleeping bags
  • socks
  • winter coats
  • scarves, gloves and hats

Let us pull together and help the homeless in our Nation stay warm this winter. If you are unable to this, then we ask that you would help spread awareness of this situation, or by contacting us and considering making a cash donation to our cause. Whatever you can do, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Our toll free number is +1 (888) 505 – 9956. We will return your voicemail at this number within 24 hours.

If you wish to make a party donation directly, you can do so here: www.nationalist.ca/donate


Nationalist Charity Program

Canadian Nationalist Party

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Party Donation


All Canadians are eligible to receive generous tax credits when they donate to the CNP. The size of donation determines the tax credit available.

Sponsorship Level Amount Tax Credit
Bronze $20 $15 (75%)
Silver $50 $37.50 (75%)
Gold $100 $75 (75%)
Platinum $400 $300 (75%)
Diamond $1625 $650 (40%)

Donate by mail: Post Office Box 490, Redvers, SK, S0C 2H0

We thank you for supporting the nationalist movement in Canada!


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All Canadians are eligible to receive generous tax credits when they donate to the Canadian Nationalist Party. The size of donation determines the tax credit available.

If you have already made a contribution this year, please use the table below to calculate your cumulative tax credit.

  • Donations between 0 and $400: give you a 75% refund.
  • Donations between $400 and $750: give you $300 plus 50% of any amount over $400.
  • Donations over $750: give you $475 plus 33% of any amount over $750 up to a maximum of $650 per year.


Only Canadian citizens or permanent residents may make political contributions, in each of the following amounts:

  • No more than $1,625 in any calendar year to each registered political party.
  • No more than $1,625 in total in any calendar year to the combined entities of each registered political party (Electoral District Associations, Nomination Contestants and Candidate campaigns).
  • No more than $1,625 in total between all registered leadership contestants in a particular leadership contest.


For more information about tax credits please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website and for more information about contribution limits, please visit Elections Canada.

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