Kingdom Of Zion is a social credit concept in the form of a card game. When members of the Canadian Nationalist Party (‘CNP’) contribute labour to our political movement they are compensated in new cards – which are both unique and useful. The cards themselves can be traded among other members, bought & sold, only used to play the card game itself: Kingdom Of Zion.

In the Kingdom Of Zion card game, the objective is to eliminate the opponent. In order to do so, players use cards within their possession to attack the units of the opposing player(s). The winner randomly draws one card from the deck of each of their opponents as reward for their victory. A player is eliminated when all of their units are destroyed. A player may only play a maximum of 3 units per game, with each unit having a predetermined amount of hit points (HP).

Kingdom Of Zion [Collectible Card Game] is directly supported by the Canadian Nationalist Party, who acts as the issuing authority for new cards into circulation. Cards may be issued by being purchased directly from the party or by contributing labour to the party where members will choose at random new cards to add to their deck. A players deck may be seen as their reputation within the party.

Each collectible card is:

  • Signed and authorized by the Chief Agent of the Canadian Nationalist Party.
  • Copyrighted to protect against counterfeit.
  • Crafted on high-quality stock and laminated for durability.
  • Able to be traded directly among party members for goods & services.

Kingdom Of Zion as a card game is designed to be simple but fun with an element of randomness and chance. It is also designed to be interesting to the player by ensuring that every card is unique. Neither is any card intentionally designed to resemble a real-world person, organization, event, or otherwise.

Requirements to play the game include:

  • Coin for determining HEADS/TAILS.
  • Pen/pencil and paper for keeping track of units and other actions of players.
  • Two or more card-holders to play the game.

Each card has a number of different important characteristics:

  • Type (Unit, Special)
  • Class (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ether)

Players take turns in using their cards against opponents in order to destroy their units. When a player has no remaining units on the board, they are eliminated.