An idea with the potential to change the world may only start with one man or woman, but can demonstrate that no individual is powerless to make a profound impact on society in a way that alters the course of human history into a daringly new direction.

An idea which disrupts the most basic fundamentals of our economic theory arrives when eroding trust of financial institutions call for not more regulatory oversight, but a set of rules provided by the very laws of science – a paradigm shift in the way we approach the problem of currency mismanagement.

In our society today too many are now dependent on too few. This disproportionate wealth has come about by way of the cartelization of our public institutions and financial sector at the expense of the masses of middle class.

In instances of gross misuse, those guilty of fraudulent practices are bailed out by the taxpayer rather than held accountable. Practices such as predatory lending of commercial banks go without legal recourse because the line between crony corporatism and government lobbyists has been almost completely blurred. Our elected leaders would sooner bail-out fraudulent bankers at the taxpayer’s expense rather than holding them accountable.

These instances of centralization always, inevitably lead to abuse. Onlookers have become desensitized to the
mistrust so prevalent in industries’ ranging from fiscal policy to currency management, central banking to
mortgage-backed securities and the individuals whom these institutions exist to serve are now seeking a way to
liberate their financial livelihoods. That is, they wish for a vehicle which can alleviate them from under the heel of economic tyranny.

People are anxious for an alternative to a system which has fallen prey to common occurrences of corruption
and fraud.

A solution may lie in the adherence to a monetary system based on the very language of science: mathematics.