Lawful Dissent: Restoring Common Law Under The Magna Carta


This product is a downloadable ebook which increases the knowledge of the reader on the following topics:

  • Why the Magna Carta is as binding today as the day it was signed by King Henry in the year 1215.
  • How to uphold Article 61 and defend the realm against criminal activity.
  • Who the original ‘Committe Of Twenty-Five Barons’ are and why they matter.
  • Understanding the Oath Of Allegiance.
  • Quotations from political leaders on the relevance of Magna Carta.

This instruction is tailored to the individual or group looking to restore and uphold ancient constitutional rights encoded in the Magna Carta.

The instruction includes an introduction on when and why Article 61 was invoked by the Committee, and why those who recognize this invocation continue to act with Lawful Dissent.

This instruction advises on practical methods of implementing constitutional rights encoded in the Magna Carta in a lawful manner.

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