Activism Featured Notice Statement

The Undeclared War Against Canadians

The Government Of Canada is waging a undeclared war against our nation.

They will not stop until our history, our culture, and our people have been replaced.

The changes start with our flag, our anthem, and now statues of our historical leaders.

A deadly terrorist attack in a land once considered safe is now a scapegoat to confiscate firearms … to hold the law-abiding citizen accountable for the conduct of the guilty and lawless is an abomination of justice.

A publicly-funded media propaganda machine which seeks always to extinguish the spark

A central bank, the constitutional property of our people, now in the hands of private profiteers

A “democratic” electoral system where the main parties share common owners while any true opposition is excluded. Accusations of iniquity cast towards us, we are denied our ability to assemble and speak publicly at institutions built by our own labour.

A government who intends to destroy the people who elected it – a government without grounds of authority

A desire for complete political reset to the minds of many …

These are issues too important not to address.

The spirit of Canadianism has been residing in a political coma, and it is time to awaken.