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Scott Moe Must Go

We need a leader, not someone trying to limit Christmas gatherings.

People Of Saskatchewan,

Since Scott Moe declared a State Of Emergency in March of this year, we have been extremely patient (and perhaps naïve) with the provincial government’s handling of the so-called “COVID-19 pandemic”. Sentiments seem to have changed considerably following Moe’s re-election earlier this year as citizens are beginning to see that he is completely willing to restrict our freedom over a flu virus which has a survival rate of approximately 99%.

Scott Moe recently called out an anti-lockdown rally that was held in the provincial capital on Saturday, December 12th, for its alleged “racism”, even though the comment about Health Officer Saqib Shahab was about not being able to remember the names of foreigners. It is worth noting that whether or not someone is a foreign citizen (Shahab is obviously not), race does not necessarily factor – but Scott Moe will cry racism in order to avoid answering the calls of hundreds who attended, demanding the State Of Emergency be lifted. I myself attended and can say that the only thing more impressive than the turnout was the speakers themselves, who recognize that these measures are not truly in the interest of public health, but to bring forward, inch-by-inch, a world government surveillance state where your opinion is essentially meaningless and you are considered a tax-slave. If that’s the type of world you want to live in, then keep waiting for your next opportunity to vote because liberation simply isn’t on the ballot anymore.

We have watched a proposal for a 3-week lockdown in order to “flatten the curve” turn into a prolonged stretch lasting the entire year without a definite end in sight. Bill Gates, the Vaccine Predator, is saying this thing could last until 2022.

This government has went from imposing lockdown measures out of an “abundance of caution”, to fining people thousands of dollars for not wearing a mask at the local, public library. This is what oppression looks like. There is a coordinated media campaign to instill fear into the hearts of those who would think to stand up to these measures, yet fines mean nothing if they are constitutionally unenforceable in a court of law. We’ll take your unjustified, unconstitutional fines to court every single time – and we’ll tell the Judge what we think about them too.

Change starts here at home and when the business owners in this province (especially restaurant owners) want change bad enough, it will come. Let’s retake our province, then retake the entire federal constituency as well, and when we have accomplished that, maybe we’ll ask Denmark if they are willing to make a deal for Greenland (territorial jurisdiction is important to our success). In exchange, we’ll send them all the snakes who are currently in our mainstream media, spreading their deception by cherry-picking facts to fit their twisted narrative and hoping you’re too stupid to notice.

Let’s not buy into a narrative of fear over these holidays but recognize it for what it is: an important religious holiday for Catholics, a time to be with family, and an opportunity to express gratitude with what we have.

Snitches get the society they deserve …

In your service,

Travis Patron, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader
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Mandatory Masks At School Are Not Cool

Last week, the South East Corner Stone School Division accused Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron of “rude or indecent” behavior when he visited Redvers School to inquire and object about their mandatory mask policy. This week, he is responding to that accusation.
  1. Southeast Cornerstone School Division Letter – Superintendent
  2. Southeast Cornerstone School Division Response Letter – Travis Patron

Kevin Hengen
Superintendent of Schools East Service Area
South East Cornerstone Public School Division
80A-18th Street Northeast,
Weyburn, Saskatchewan
S4H 2W4

Travis Patron
Canadian Nationalist Party
PO Box 490,
Redvers, Saskatchewan
S0C 2H0

DATE: Monday, November 30th, 2020

South East Cornerstone Public School Division – Response Letter

Mr. Superintendent,

This is an acknowledgement that we have received your recent letter referencing a potential violation of s. 367 of The Education Act, 1995 by alleging acting with rude or indecent behaviour when we attended the Redvers School on Tuesday, November 24th, 2020. Let me first and foremost object to the accusation that we conducted ourselves rudely or indecently. We have not. There is nothing rude or indecent about objecting to an unconstitutional provincial mandate requiring the use of masks in public schools. There is nothing rude or indecent about raising one’s voice in the face of oppression either, and this is how we currently characterize the government administration at the provincial level and beyond.

In March of this year, we served the Government Of Saskatchewan a Notice Of Objection in regard to their declared state of emergency on the grounds that is it unprecedented and unnecessary and that it has a high probability of causing undo suppression of our economic conditions – especially in rural areas of the province. We believe these words to be self-evident today and intend on continuing to stand in objection to this declared state of emergency.

We interpret your immediate decision to prohibit us from entering the school or being on school property in response to our activism (read: inquiring in-person about a public schools mask policy) as relatively undiplomatic and perhaps even unbecoming of a superintendent dealing with a federal party leader headquartered in the municipality. No effort to listen to our perspective or address our questions has been made whatsoever. This is disappointing to us.

Mandating masks in public facilities, including for staff and students at school is uncalled for and unnecessary unless the current government administration is able to justify them.

I’m willing to bet that if an anonymous poll were held today, the majority of students and staff alike would vehemently reject mandatory masks.

As an alumni, this is not the first time I’ve raised my voice at Redvers School in objection to something I believe to be fundamentally wrong (mandatory masks) and if I have my way, it most certainly won’t be the last …


Travis Patron, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader
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General Johnathon Vance: We Stand At A Crossroads

General Johnathon Vance gives forewarning about potential implications of a COVID-19 vaccine at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020.

No More Mandatory Masks In Redvers, Saskatchewan

Redvers, Saskatchewan

Letter From Our Leader,

Yesterday I was fined $2,800 for not wearing a mask while patronizing the Redvers Library. I can almost guarantee that I will not pay this fine, but instead attend court in order to argue what I believe to be a fine made unjustly and against the law of the land by an administration seeking to extort financial gain.

We believe that the current COVID-19 restrictions and accompanying fines being imposed on Canadians are unjust and represent an infringement of our constitutional rights and freedoms. We have a duty to stand in defense of the realm and against those who are currently extorting financial gain from Canadian citizens.

The COVID-19 lockdown restrictions (including mandatory masks and vaccines) are an abuse of power by the current government administration and must be resisted at every opportunity. The government has not justified mandatory masks nor their effectiveness at curbing the spread of this virus.

We will not comply with mandatory masks in public facilities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Public Libraries
  • Public Schools
  • Public Recreation Centers
  • City Halls/Town Offices
  • Crown Corporations

Private business owners are free to enforce mask policies as they see fit. We are forming resistance against government-mandated masks and vaccines in Saskatchewan.

We need government that is capable and willing to stand up to regional, provincial, and federal agencies who limit access to public facilities and amenities. Necessary public demand for mandatory masks does not exist. To make these laws beforehand, against the will of the vast majority, is a symptom of despotism.

I prefer not to wear a mask and until I am shown credible, convincing evidence that they are necessary and effective, I will not be forced to wear one in public facilities. For those who choose to wear a mask, they can continue to do so, but the rest of us will not be bullied into following their sheepish compliance with an unconstitutional mandate. We oppose this and we hope you’ll join us …

In your service,

Travis Patron, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader, +1(306)840-7132

Say ‘NO’ To Any COVID Vaccine

Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron does not support mandatory vaccinations or masks.

Letter From Our Leader,

If the current state of emergency is not lifted within a reasonable time period, and the controlled economic demolition allowed to continue, it is entirely possible we will soon have a cashless society – a new monetary paradigm.

As a federally-sanctioned political constituency, it is within our knowledge, and duty thereof, to disclose the following possibilities to those who would care to hear, on the grounds that such an act is in the public interest:

  • That the federal government may soon introduce legislation mandating a “digital certificate” for the purposes of identification under the premise of a public health emergency.
  • That such a digital certificate will be a computational image made in the flesh which references a cryptocurrency/bitcoin network. By using this network of information, a new religious-political system will emerge. It will utilize artificial intelligence in an authoritarian manner to appear omnipotent and omnipresent. With the awesome power of artificial intelligence, this system will know those who worship it better than anyone else, including themselves and their closest friends and family, and will personalize their approach toward every person who has the mark. The beast will know even the most intimate details about those who receive it.
  • All people of the world will decide to either accept or reject the mark. Social and financial standing will be of no consideration.
  • The mark cannot be forced upon one against their will – it must willfully be accepted or rejected. Whether one chooses to accept or reject the mark, that decision must be honoured. Every man and woman shall be defined by their choice.
  • Fear may be used as a catalyst to encourage acceptance and conformity.
  • The mark will exert complete control over its subject because it will cryptographically synchronize with a central server. The mark itself will propagate information to this network by transmition of light. It will be embedded in the right hand or forehead.
  • Choosing to accept the mark holds severe consequences. Those who accept the mark willfully envelop themselves in a cybernetic tyranny. It is a path which leads to damnation. Those who receive the mark will be unable to end their experience.
  • Rejection of the mark will also carry consequences. Those who reject the mark will be unable to buy or sell.
  • Those who reject the mark may be socially ostracized and even hated. For some, physical death will be a consequence of rejecting the mark.

If and when any government authority comes forward with such a digital certificate, and presents you with this choice, we strongly recommend rejecting the offering and identify it for what it is: deception and manipulation.

“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” – Matthew 7:13,14

“Now brother will deliver up brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death. And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.” – Matthew 10:21,22

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour,

Travis Patron, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader

Authorized by the Chief Agent of the Canadian Nationalist Party In Accordance With Magna Carta Of 1215

Phone: +1(306)840-7132 | Website: | Donate: Party Donation | Address: PO Box 490, Redvers, SK, S0C 2H0

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Halloween Is Over. Take Off Your Mask.

If and when the Government Of Canada attempts to mandate medical facemasks on the population, in public spaces there must be lawful grounds to do so. The local authorities cannot enforce masks on the citizens unconditionally without the public’s approval or consent. As it stands right now, neither has been earned by the Government Of Canada.

In March of this year, the Canadian Nationalist Party served the Provincial Government Of Saskatchewan a notice of objection to their declared state of emergency regarding COVID-19 due to having “a high probability of causing undo suppression of our economic conditions – especially in rural areas of the province.”

We believe those words to be self-evident today.

This declaration of emergency was unnecessary to begin with. It may or may not remain that way, but ultimately the cost of such an alarmist reaction can be seen and felt on the streets of our towns and cities – where small business has taken the greatest hit and many storefronts have been boarded up and closed down. Meanwhile, the Globalist Elite buy up properties for a fraction of the price they would otherwise fetch on an open market, unrestricted by these very COVID-19 emergency measures.

Unless the Government Of Canada can produce substantial evidence that public demand exists for mandatory masks, the Canadian Nationalist Party will not comply.


Isolation Facilities: Once You Go In You Don’t Come Out

The Government Of Canada is rushing the acquisition and construction of COVID-19 internment camps called “isolation facilities”.

Service Provider(s) for Federal Quarantine / Isolation Sites

These sites are to be used for any individuals who do not willingly comply with the transition of Canada from a nation state to the post-national world government surveillance state. Canada is a leading figure in this transition and those still relying on the establishment authorities to deviate away from this political agenda will be sorely disappointed.