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A pledge to uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is displayed in an entranceway of the Carlyle RCMP detachment.

Earlier this week RCMP constables fined Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron $2,800 for visiting a public library in his hometown without wearing a mask.

During the recent 43rd Federal Election, Patron requested, and was denied ubiquitously, the liberty of being permitted to assemble publicly and communicate electoral policies to voters. Not a single request to assemble and communicate policies after the issue of the writ was honoured (September 11th – October 21st, 2019).

The Canadian Nationalist Party has since filed a civil lawsuit in February with the Court Of Queen’s Bench For Saskatchewan in order to address this constitutional violation. As of yet, the Justice has not informed Patron if he will be granted leave to represent the corporation in the claim.


No More Mandatory Masks In Redvers, Saskatchewan

Redvers, Saskatchewan

Letter From Our Leader,

Yesterday I was fined $2,800 for not wearing a mask while patronizing the Redvers Library. I can almost guarantee that I will not pay this fine, but instead attend court in order to argue what I believe to be a fine made unjustly and against the law of the land by an administration seeking to extort financial gain.

We believe that the current COVID-19 restrictions and accompanying fines being imposed on Canadians are unjust and represent an infringement of our constitutional rights and freedoms. We have a duty to stand in defense of the realm and against those who are currently extorting financial gain from Canadian citizens.

The COVID-19 lockdown restrictions (including mandatory masks and vaccines) are an abuse of power by the current government administration and must be resisted at every opportunity. The government has not justified mandatory masks nor their effectiveness at curbing the spread of this virus.

We will not comply with mandatory masks in public facilities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Public Libraries
  • Public Schools
  • Public Recreation Centers
  • City Halls/Town Offices
  • Crown Corporations

Private business owners are free to enforce mask policies as they see fit. We are forming resistance against government-mandated masks and vaccines in Saskatchewan.

We need government that is capable and willing to stand up to regional, provincial, and federal agencies who limit access to public facilities and amenities. Necessary public demand for mandatory masks does not exist. To make these laws beforehand, against the will of the vast majority, is a symptom of despotism.

I prefer not to wear a mask and until I am shown credible, convincing evidence that they are necessary and effective, I will not be forced to wear one in public facilities. For those who choose to wear a mask, they can continue to do so, but the rest of us will not be bullied into following their sheepish compliance with an unconstitutional mandate. We oppose this and we hope you’ll join us …

In your service,

Travis Patron, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader, +1(306)840-7132
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Halloween Is Over. Take Off Your Mask.

If and when the Government Of Canada attempts to mandate medical facemasks on the population, in public spaces there must be lawful grounds to do so. The local authorities cannot enforce masks on the citizens unconditionally without the public’s approval or consent. As it stands right now, neither has been earned by the Government Of Canada.

In March of this year, the Canadian Nationalist Party served the Provincial Government Of Saskatchewan a notice of objection to their declared state of emergency regarding COVID-19 due to having “a high probability of causing undo suppression of our economic conditions – especially in rural areas of the province.”

We believe those words to be self-evident today.

This declaration of emergency was unnecessary to begin with. It may or may not remain that way, but ultimately the cost of such an alarmist reaction can be seen and felt on the streets of our towns and cities – where small business has taken the greatest hit and many storefronts have been boarded up and closed down. Meanwhile, the Globalist Elite buy up properties for a fraction of the price they would otherwise fetch on an open market, unrestricted by these very COVID-19 emergency measures.

Unless the Government Of Canada can produce substantial evidence that public demand exists for mandatory masks, the Canadian Nationalist Party will not comply.